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Five (5) Collective Action Lawsuits

Law firm files five (5) collective action lawsuits for alleged unpaid wages against NPC International,Inc. on behalf of similarly situated shift managers, tipped employees (servers), customer service representatives and delivery drivers who currently or previously worked at NPC’s Pizza Hut Restaurants during the past three years. 

Please Take And Submit This Quick Questionnaire To Determine if You may be eligible to join one or more of the five lawsuits as a current or former Shift Manager, Delivery Driver, Server, Cook and/or Customer Service Representative during the past three years–

Select all positions that apply to you, for either current or past employment (within the past three years):

Tipped Employee-Server
Delivery Driver
Shift Manager
Customer Service Representative

Kindly select Yes or No to the following questions:

While working at a NPC Pizza Hut restaurant,

I have worked off the clock without being paid.
I have been required to attend monthly crew members meetings off the clock without being paid.
I have been required to take job training off the clock without being paid.
I have performed more than 20% “side work” while clocked-in as a tipped employee.
I have performed work in non-tipped classifications without being paid minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

FIRST NAME (required)

LAST NAME (required)

ADDRESS (required)

CITY (required)

STATE (required)

PHONE NUMBER (required)

EMAIL ADDRESS (required)

Check the box below to join (opt-in) any of the Five (5) Lawsuits
*I request to Join (Opt-in)

*By checking this box you request to join (opt-in) the collective action lawsuit(s) similar to your situation(s). On submission of questionnaire, you will be contacted and proper forms and information will be mailed to the address you entered on the questionnaire. Forms must be filled out and sent back to the Jackson Shield Yeiser and Holt, to complete the process for your involvement in the lawsuits similar to your situations.

Jackson Shields Yeiser & Holt
262 German Oak Drive
Memphis, TN 38018
(901) 754-8001

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